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Fountain of Youth is made from young, green coconuts from Thailand and nothing else.
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Are You Hydrated?

It's widely known that we're not drinking enough liquids. This can contribute to a lack of focus, headaches, dry skin, tiredness and even hunger pangs when, quite often, you're just thirsty. With this in mind, we like to call our drinks category 'Conscious Hydration'. This offers an easy way to access more energy and glow, simply by cracking open a big 520ml can of coconut water which can cover up to 25% of a person's required daily fluids. Please search for one of the many independent studies available online to learn more about the wonders of hydrating properly.

02. Ingredients & Nutrition

What’s In The Can?

Each can consists of the water from approximately two young green coconuts and nothing else. It’s packaged and sealed immediately after harvesting for maximum freshness and vitality.

Why Such a Big Can?

It’s pretty simple. We tried out a can half the size but it costs almost the same amount to produce as our large can. Therefore the big cans work out as much better value for money.

What is the Fountain of Youth Anyway?

The Fountain of Youth is our coconut water, which is the clear liquid that’s inside young green coconuts when you crack them open.

Why Does Some Coconut Water Taste Sweet and Others Taste Bland or Even Sour?

Just like all fruit, the variety and region they come from affects their taste. Coconuts that are harvested in the Philippines for example, are more likely to be on the sour side. We prefer ours a little on the sweet side, so we taste-tested more than 50 varieties and happened upon the Fountain of Youth in Southwest Thailand.

Why Are Young Coconuts Better Than Mature Coconuts?

We've spent the last decade sourcing high-quality coconuts and placing them into cans in the most sustainable way possible. So we know our stuff. Young coconuts are better for coconut water, mature coconuts are better for coconut milk. When young coconuts are at their youthful stage, they have the most coconut water in their shell. The water reduces in quantity as the coconut fruit becomes more mature. So the greener they are, the more liquid there is to drink. Not only that, young coconuts come from young palms, which aren’t tall. This means that they can be harvested by a single person without any machinery. This all means that production efforts are lowered, as each nut can go further. Resourceful and 100% natural.

What is The Nutrition Content?

The Fountain of Youth is filled with the good stuff. Drink one can and you’ll absorb as much potassium and almost as much magnesium as eating a banana.

Does the Fountain of Youth Contain Any Sugar?

Sugar is naturally found in coconut water. We do not sneak a single gram of extra sugar into our drink. The Fountain of Youth also contains small amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, oils, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs. We do not use additives or preservatives. Fountain of Youth is pure coconut water with nothing added.

How Many Cans Can I Drink in One Day?

As many as you want. The Fountain of Youth has just 60 calories per serving and zero calories from fat. As we say: a can a day keeps the doctor away when enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Does The Process of Making and Packaging The Fountain of Youth Affect its Nutritional Value?

Lab testing in Europe allows coconut water to be tested down to the microgram, giving us certainty as to the nutrient quantity. We can be confident that what is written on the can is what you're getting in the can: 100% straight up coconut water.

How Do I Drink it?

For beginners: we suggest you enjoy it chilled. For seasoned pros try your hand at drinking the Fountain of Youth with no ice, and no fridge… just as mother nature intended while lazing around on the beach.

Other ways to drink it:
In a smoothie, with frozen berries, banana and ice.As a replacement for milk or yoghurt in breakfast cereal, bircher muesli, or acai bowls.

Lemonade mocktail: squeeze the juice of a lemon and stir with a dash of honey into a glass of iced Fountain of Youth. Fancy a highball? Ask for a Mezcal Monkey and experience the taste of two distinct flavours in harmony. Hot Monkey: warm Fountain of Youth, fresh ginger, lime and golden rum.

03. Shipping & Delivery

Where Do You Deliver?

From our webshop, we deliver across the European Union, including Norway. If you’re outside of these places, our partners may be able to deliver to you.

How Much Are The Shipping Costs?

Shipping costs depend on your country’s shipping rates at the time of order.

Where is My Order?

Once you’ve placed an order, you’ll receive a tracking ID, so check your email. In rare cases where there’s an issue, please email us directly and we will be happy to help.

My Cans Are Damaged. What Should I Do?

Please send us a picture of the delivery issue and we will be happy to handle it for you.

Where Can I Buy The Fountain of Youth?

On our webshop here or through one of our many partners. Contact us to find out who they are.

04. Company Questions

Who are you?

We are the Michelbergers, a modern family business that includes an independent hotel, an organic restaurant, a regenerative farm, a music festival, and yes, a coconut water from our own special Fountain of Youth. What brings these disparate things together is a holistic ecosystem based on trust, community and social connection.

What Does The Fountain of Youth Have To Do With a Hotel?

While the Fountain of Youth is an outbound endeavour, we remain a natural extension of the Michelbergers: as the favourite drink of the hotel, we exist as a message in a tinplate can, spreading our collective values with wonderful people that share our joy for life and the ability for co-creation it offers. Just like a healthy plant wants to grow, we are here to learn and contribute.

The Fountain of Youth travels to people’s favourite places or meets them in their homes. It is our hotel on the road. The Hotel welcomes, the Fountain of Youth travels.


05. Sustainability & Ethics

Is the Fountain of Youth organic?

We don’t use pesticides or herbicides and the coconuts and farming procedures are of organic quality. However, to say you are ”Organic” you need to be certified. Certification is expensive and a big bureaucratic effort for the farmers to manage. This is not our style. We care about resourceful recycling systems and conserving biodiversity with high-quality soil, trees and water. It’s also really important to know that our coconuts do not come from vast, monoculture plantations. Rather they come from a myriad patchwork of small to very small planting areas that are spread throughout the Thai province of Ratchaburi and integrated into the overall mixture of other inhabited, agricultural and uncultivated terrain. Quite often, the land around the palms is overgrown with a whole lot of plantlife, flowers and fungi. With this comes some of the finest coconut water one can find.

Why the higher price in comparison to other coconut water brands?

Rather than go industrial to make cheaper coconut water, we choose to work with smaller businesses who do things in a more human way and who want to create and maintain employment in their local community. We also want the most value per serving and the highest quality, accented fully by the wonderful taste. To this end, we use Nam Hom coconuts, which come from just this small area of central west Thailand, and are described as the world's best coconuts because of their sweet, aromatic water, their tender flesh and their attractive appearance. This makes them the most expensive coconuts to buy! We use these valuable Nam Hom coconuts for our naturally sweet flavour without the use of any added sugar. Furthermore, coconut water is a bit like coffee and chocolate: if you’re getting cheap chocolate or coffee, you can be pretty sure that someone in that supply chain is getting screwed. Everybody in the Fountain of Youth supply chain is making a fair and healthy margin, from the producer to the distributor to the nice lady at your local café. Just ask her for yourself if you won’t take our word for it! For us, this is extremely important. So all in all, this means a slightly higher price but a considerably higher impact across the board.

Do you participate in deposit return schemes (DRS)?

Yes. Some of the countries we ship to have deposit return schemes, especially Germany which recycles 91.5% of all Tinplate packaging*. We are very proud to be in the deposit return scheme (DRS) system in Germany and have grand plans to spread to other ones, elsewhere. DRS is a great way to encourage a more circular model for packaging and to change our consumer behaviour in a positive way. If you’re in Germany, take your can back to any participating supermarket or store and you’ll get 25 cents from each can brought back. 

*In 2019, according to Gesellschaft für Verpackungsmarktforschung mbH https://gvmonline.de/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Recycling_2020_Zusammenfassung_Ergebnisse.pdf

What has the Fountain of Youth done to improve the working conditions of farmers?

When founding the Fountain of Youth, we met with many different farmers to find the most fair and equitable collective with good working conditions, fair hours, and opportunities for professional growth. As a result of our collaboration with a farmers collective in Ratchaburi province, Thailand, many jobs have been created in the region and predominantly filled by members of the local community. We’ve got to know our partner very well over the years and are proud of the amazing service they are committed to offering us as one of their select partners.

How can we ensure a lack of exploitation?

We visit our partners in Ratchaburi many times each year. We’ve seen for ourselves the high quality of the plantations, products, and working conditions. We won’t sugar coat it: the process to create our product is expensive. But we’d rather pay more money, knowing that we are using the most sustainable methods, and that our staff are paid fairly, than mass-producing something that diminishes our planet’s resources. We hope you feel the same way too. Also, rest assured that no monkeys are used or harmed in the production of our product.

How can you say you care about food miles when you ship coconuts around the world?

We care about minimising our food (or in our case, drink) miles. If coconuts were to grow in Berlin, where Fountain of Youth is headquartered, you’d be drinking German coconuts every day. But the fact is they don’t, so we’ve spent years researching the most ethical ways of sourcing and producing this drink to bring all of its health and taste benefits to our growing fanbase. 

What are you doing for circular economy principles?

Circular economy is a system based on the reuse and regeneration of materials or products. It’s an imperative part of the Fountain of Youth and we participate in multiple ways. For example in the choice of steel packaging material which is highly reused. Also by participating in deposit return schemes. Also all parts of our coconuts, other than the water, are reused in other products. 

We take the point of view of a sustainable family business across all projects that we initiate. We relate to and co-create with local economies and communities, including our regenerative farm. We build our own little infrastructure of different places and products, that all interact with each other and create value for others in the process. 

We are always open to new suggestions and perspectives, so if you have an idea please get in touch and let’s chat.


What is the can made from?

The cans are made from Tinplate and at this point in time, we believe that this is the best available material to package our drink as responsibly as possible. Tinplate is actually steel (coated with a very thin layer of tin to protect the steel from corrosion) and it falls into the category of ‘steel packaging’. We chose this because steel packaging (which includes Tinplate) is the most recycled packaging material in Europe, with an average of 85.5% recycled across its countries in 2020*. Furthermore all (yes, 100%) of recycled steel is made into new steel products so the can you’ve just finished could end up in that new high speed train that will hopefully be taking you on holiday in a few years.As well as being BPA free, another great advantage of Tinplate cans is that they are magnetic (unlike Aluminium cans which are not). This makes it easy, cheap and energy efficient to separate from other waste materials and it’s this simple reason that makes steel packaging so highly recycled.

*Source: APEAL https://www.steelforpackaging.org/steel-for-packaging-recycling-and-resource-saving/

Where is the can made?

Thailand. The design is also printed onto the can in Thailand. The cans are then sent to our colleagues at the plantation, ready for filling there and then. The whole process of picking to packaging is done as locally as possible which impacts the community in a positive way.

How is the Fountain of Youth packaged?

We box our precious cargo in cardboard cartons, made from 100% recyclable paper. No plastic, no glass, no worries.

How is the Fountain of Youth distributed?

We use ships and semi-trucks to transport Fountain of Youth to our warehouses from the ports.

07. Manufacturing Process

Where do you source your coconuts from?

After many years of tasting, testing and learning, we found the best palm trees with the highest quality coconuts in Ratchaburi province,Thailand. We work closely with a collective of farms who deliver the nuts to a family-run business who do the processing and packaging. They’ve specialised in the harvesting of young coconut water for over 30 years. They’re the best in the game and we are very proud to work with them.

Do you use wonky coconuts?

Yes! Shape and size don’t matter. We aren’t a supermarket with weird beauty standards. Our only care is to package the very best coconut water, within a couple hours after harvesting, to ensure the delicious taste remains.

What happens to the remaining flesh of the coconuts?

The kernel, or meat of the green coconut, is soft at this stage of its little life, so it can easily be scooped out with a spoon. We try to ensure that nothing goes to waste, so our colleagues use these parts of the coconuts to make coconut chips, snacks, milks and oils.

What happens to the shells of all the used coconuts?

The soft parts of the shell are composted, while the hard parts are repurposed for use in furniture!

How are the coconuts harvested?

Everything is done by human hands - not monkeys or machines. Our colleagues do not climb the palm trees either because we use the coconuts from short, thick trees which are easy to access and safe to work with. The vine is cut from the palm tree with a machete and each vine contains a good number of coconuts.

How are they sorted?

Small trucks wait nearby and the coconuts, on their vines, are placed inside. Once full, each truck transports the precious cargo to the husking area where they are dehusked, cracked open and the contents put through a small sieve. The liquid is taken to the filling area to be tested for quality before being packaged immediately thereafter. This entire process, from the fruit on a tree to being packaged up as the Fountain of Youth, requires under 3 hours.

How is the water extracted from the coconut?

Once the coconuts are cut from their husk, each is inspected and then opened by hand. The water is funnelled through a sieve and into the cans and sealed within 3 hours. Everything is done right there on-site. Because we are still a small family-run business, we have a simpler process than mass-produced brands: one region, one partner, one product.

How many coconuts are needed for each can?

Each coconut yields between 200-300 ml of water. Our cans are 520ml: so approximately two coconuts per can.

Why is the Fountain of Youth heated after canning?

Following packaging, the cans are specially heated for 15 minutes to just over 100C. This removes harmful bacteria which allows us to extend the shelf life (which means less food waste) of the coconut water, without harming the nutritional values you see on the can. Backed up with state of the art lab testing only made available in recent years you can now figure out the really good options from the not so good ones on the market.

Are there any other preservatives added?

No. What you find in the can is natural, delicious energy straight from our special Thai palm trees.

08. Location photography

thai statue
coconut tree
seed in hand
sticks in water
flower in plant pot
leaves growing
man carrying coconuts
thai temple


Who we are

We are the Michelbergers, an independent family business that includes a one-of-a-kind hotel, a regenerative farm, farm-to-table restaurants and music festivals. The Fountain of Youth is our coconut water and the favourite drink of the hotel.

What we do

While lazing around on a beach in 2011, someone gave us a young, green coconut with a straw poking out. Back home, we couldn't find any coconut water that tasted as good as it does straight from the nut so we set out to make our own. The Fountain of Youth is now its own little team with a HQ in Berlin and active partners in 15 countries.

How we do it

We've spent the last decade extracting high-quality coconut water into cans in the most sustainable way possible: minimal intervention, small batches picked and husked by hand. Resourceful and 100% natural. We work closely with a family-run Thai collective who has specialised in harvesting young coconut water for over 30 years.       

How we drink it

For beginners: we suggest you enjoy it chilled. For seasoned pros, try your hand at drinking the Fountain of Youth with no ice and no fridge… just as mother nature intended. Simply put, after drinking you feel great! This is because the Fountain of Youth is naturally rich in vitamins, especially potassium and magnesium. It is fat-free, and low in calories. The fluid of life.




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We are often asked by friends where you can find the Fountain of Youth outside of the Michelberger Hotel.

It's available in a bunch of places so please get in touch if you need a hand locating some.

But recently someone reached out to ask us to supply the coconut water to their favourite joint, which we happily did. That inspired us to pass the idea onto others... So if we're not available at your local hang-out, just let us know the place and we'll do our best to get it in there. When we get it sorted, there'll be a nice surprise heading your way as a thank you.

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In this blog we will cover contemporary Thai or Thailand-based people working in the fields of art, design, music, dance, fashion, architecture, photography, film, sport, health and magic with the goal of providing an English language information resource on a vivacious culture that is underreported and most don’t know very much about.
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